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Lights Up Performing Arts Studio has moved! Please check us out at

Our Services

We offer private acting, singing, piano, pageant preparation, and public speaking.



* Private Piano and Voice Lessons
These one on one classes offer students an opportunity to learn at their own pace.  Students of all ages, from beginner to advanced are welcome! 
$22 per half hour
* Private Acting Lessons
Students can learn the basics of acting for stage or camera.  Experienced students can also use their lessons to prepare monologues for auditions.
$22 per half hour
* Pageant Preparation
Girls preparing for pageants will get individual attention in these one-on-one sessions.  They will learn everything from choosing the right gown to talent to interview.  Experienced pageant participants as well as pageant hopefuls are welcome!
$22 per half hour
 * Public Speaking
This is invaluable for anyone who is interested in learning to prepare presentations and speeches.  We will go over the basics of public speaking and work on designing the perfect presentation for you. 
$22 per half hour
Family discounts and discounts for students who take more than one lesson or class each week are available!